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  • Bootlegs are made by fans for fans, if you wanna hear the cd of the band buy it! NO SELLING IN HERE
  • If you contact me, you send first !
  • If i dont answer your email, dont hesitate to write us a second time. Each day, we get many emails and sometimes we cant read or answer all of them, and then we forget about it.
  • I dont know you and you contacted us first, you send first.
  • If we traded before and we want you to send first again, do it.
  • Shows that are rated NT are not available at the moment because i promised to the filmers that we dont trade them.
  • Dont send me any VCD / SVCD / DIVX sourced DVD's because i expect high quality stuff. Exceptions will be made if you have something that we really want.
  • Send me standard Video-DVDs that play on any dvd players. I dont accept data dvds or other fucked up dvds.
  • Only use high quality DVDs or CDs.
  • 1 show = 1 disc. But several small shows or interviews on one dvd are allowed.
  • Put DVDs and CDs each in one single cd or paper case.
  • Dont write on the CD/DVD surface.
  • If you bad trade me, you have to deal with the consequences.
  • This site is not a download portal. You cant download anything from this site. You can only check out some of our shows by watching the youtube videos in the download section.
  • If you are sending from the USA, dont forget to write the "reason" of the package on there because otherwise, the package will be stuck at the customs office and we dont want any trouble with them

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